SAGER C4500BAT-6 Battery Replacement


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    SAGER C4500BAT-6 Battery Replacement

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    Battery Type: Li-ion
    Voltage: 11.1V
    Capacity:5200mAh / 6Cell
    Weight: 366g
    Size:268.80 x 49.40 x 19.80 mm
    Compatible original Battery Code:
    CLEVO/SAGER/Schenker mySN:

    Fit machine:
    CLEVO B4100M SeriesCLEVO B4105 SeriesCLEVO B5100M Series
    CLEVO B5130M SeriesCLEVO B7110 SeriesCLEVO B7130 Series
    CLEVO C4100 SeriesCLEVO C4500 SeriesCLEVO C4500Q Series
    CLEVO C5100Q SeriesCLEVO C5105 SeriesCLEVO C5500Q Series
    CLEVO C5500QC SeriesCLEVO C5505 SeriesCLEVO C5505C Series
    CLEVO W150 SeriesCLEVO W150DAQ SeriesCLEVO W150ER Series
    CLEVO W150ERQ SeriesCLEVO W150HM SeriesCLEVO W150HN Series
    CLEVO W150HNM SeriesCLEVO W150HNQ SeriesCLEVO W150HR Series
    CLEVO W150HRM SeriesCLEVO W150HRQ SeriesCLEVO W170ER Series
    CLEVO W170HN SeriesCLEVO W170HR SeriesCLEVO W240EU Series
    CLEVO W24AEU SeriesCLEVO W24AHU SeriesCLEVO W24BHU Series
    CLEVO W240BU SeriesCLEVO W240C SeriesCLEVO W240CU Series
    CLEVO W240EUQ SeriesCLEVO W240H SeriesCLEVO W240HU Series
    CLEVO W25ACU SeriesCLEVO W25AEF SeriesCLEVO W25AES Series
    CLEVO W25AEN SeriesCLEVO W25AEU SeriesCLEVO W250 Series
    CLEVO W250ES SeriesCLEVO W250EUQ SeriesCLEVO W250H Series
    CLEVO W250HU SeriesCLEVO W250HUQ SeriesCLEVO W251 Series
    CLEVO W251B SeriesCLEVO W251BUQ SeriesCLEVO W251BWQ Series
    CLEVO W251C SeriesCLEVO W251CUQ SeriesCLEVO W251EFQ Series
    CLEVO W251EG SeriesCLEVO W251EQ SeriesCLEVO W251EUQ Series
    CLEVO W251H SeriesCLEVO W251HNQ SeriesCLEVO W251HPQ Series
    CLEVO W251HSQ SeriesCLEVO W251HU SeriesCLEVO W251HUQ Series
    CLEVO W270 SeriesCLEVO W270BUQ SeriesCLEVO W270EGQ Series
    CLEVO W270ELQ SeriesCLEVO W270ES SeriesCLEVO W270EUQ Series
    CLEVO W270H SeriesCLEVO W270HNQ SeriesCLEVO W270HPQ Series
    CLEVO W270HSQ SeriesCLEVO W270HUQ SeriesCLEVO W271 Series
    CLEVO W271BUQ SeriesCLEVO W271CZQ SeriesCLEVO W271EFQ Series
    CLEVO W271EGQ SeriesCLEVO W271ELQ SeriesCLEVO W271EUQ Series

    SAGER NP2240 SeriesSAGER NP2252 SeriesSAGER NP3260 Series
    SAGER NP3265 SeriesSAGER NP5125 SeriesSAGER NP5135 Series
    SAGER NP5160 SeriesSAGER NP5165 SeriesSAGER NP5175 Series
    SAGER NP6165 SeriesSAGER NP6175 SeriesSAGER NP7130 Series

    Schenker mySN:
    Schenker mySN XESIA E500 SeriesSchenker mySN XESIA E500 Entry SeriesSchenker mySN XESIA E510 Series
    Schenker mySN XESIA E510 Entry SeriesSchenker mySN XMG A500 SeriesSchenker mySN XMG A501 Series
    Schenker mySN XMG A502 SeriesSchenker mySN XMG A700 SeriesSchenker mySN XMG A701 Series
    Schenker mySN XMG A702 Series
    • 1. this SAGER C4500BAT-6 Battery Replacement battery is 100% compatible with your original one
    • 2. Brand new with full one year warranty.
    • 3. Japan battery cells, 300-500 charging circles.
    • 4. this SAGER C4500BAT-6 Battery Replacement battery is free shipping to all the world
    • 5. CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified for safety

    Why buy SAGER C4500BAT-6 Battery Replacement from us

    (1)Best Price:

    You can get a SAGER C4500BAT-6 Battery Replacement at 30% lower price than markets

    (2) Best Service

    30 days money back, this means you can get a full refund in 30 days after you got it.

    365 days warranty, you can contact us at any time during the time using this SAGER C4500BAT-6 Battery Replacement.

    Free shipping to all over the world.

    7-24 after-sale service

    (3) we are professional:

    We sell 3C electronics to worldwide for years, and we guarantee our customers will receive brand new SAGER C4500BAT-6 Battery Replacement,which has passed the CE, UL, ROHS, and ISO9001 certifications.

    Any other questions, please feel free to contact us via email

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