MSI BTY-M42 Battery Replacement


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    MSI BTY-M42 Battery Replacement

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    Battery Type: Li-ion
    Voltage: 10.8V
    Capacity:4400mAh / 6Cell
    Weight: 331g
    Size:268.00 x50.00 x 20.00 mm
    Compatible original Battery Code:

    Fit machine:
    MSI MegaBook S420 Series(All)
    MSI MegaBook S420-003MSI MegaBook S420-018UAMSI MegaBook S420-022UA
    MSI MegaBook S420-035HKMSI MegaBook S420-053MSI MegaBook S420-053UK
    MSI MegaBook S420-084MSI MegaBook S420-T1MSI MegaBook S420-X3
    MSI MegaBook S420 Core-DuoMSI MegaBook S420 Core2-Duo
    MSI MegaBook S420X Series(All)
    MSI MegaBook S420X-004MSI MegaBook S420X-004HUMSI MegaBook S420X-004UA
    MSI MegaBook S420X-013EUMSI MegaBook S420X-022KMSI MegaBook S420X-023K
    MSI MegaBook S420X-023KRMSI MegaBook S420X-026KMSI MegaBook S420X-026KR
    MSI MegaBook S420X-026UAMSI MegaBook S420X-042 MSI MegaBook S420X-042EU
    MSI MegaBook S420X-059UAMSI MegaBook S420X-063PLMSI MegaBook S420X-085UA
    MSI MegaBook S420X-T2135120CB
    MSI MegaBook S425 Series(All)
    MSI MegaBook S425-100MSI MegaBook S425-G
    MSI MegaBook S425X Series(All)
    MSI MegaBook S425X-064MSI MegaBook S425X-R74058CB0MSI MegaBook S425X-P741120SB
    MSI MegaBook S430 Series(All)
    MSI MegaBook S430-022TRMSI MegaBook S430-031MSI MegaBook S430-073CN
    MSI MegaBook S430-AX2MSI MegaBook S430-S3658BSMSI MegaBook S430-X2V
    MSI MegaBook S430X Series(All)
    MSI MegaBook S430X-003KRMSI MegaBook S430X-007SPMSI MegaBook S430X-015UA
    MSI MegaBook S430X-021TRMSI MegaBook S430X-024UAMSI MegaBook S430X-025TR
    MSI MegaBook S430X-031RUMSI MegaBook S430X-032MSI MegaBook S430X-035LA
    MSI MegaBook S430X-037UAMSI MegaBook S430X-038SPMSI MegaBook S430X-041MY
    MSI MegaBook S430X-058UAMSI MegaBook S430X-064KRMSI MegaBook S430x-066
    MSI MegaBook S430X-066BGMSI MegaBook S430X-070KRMSI MegaBook S430X-101SP
    MSI MegaBook S430X-140TLMSI MegaBook S430X-BT5512C00MSI MegaBook S430X-GIANT
    MSI MegaBook S430X-K552120S
    MSI MegaBook VR320 Series(All)
    MSI MegaBook VR320-037MSI MegaBook VR320-042MSI MegaBook VR320-042TR
    MSI MegaBook VR320-330MSI MegaBook VR320-CM1MSI MegaBook VR320-H2
    MSI MegaBook VR320-H4MSI MegaBook VR320-H5MSI MegaBook VR320-K2
    MSI MegaBook VR320X Series(All)
    MSI MegaBook VR320X-005UAMSI MegaBook VR320X-010KRMSI MegaBook VR320X-020IN
    MSI MegaBook VR320X-024MSI MegaBook VR320X-025MSI MegaBook VR320X-035TR
    MSI MegaBook VR330 Series(All)
    MSI MegaBook VR330-010MSI MegaBook VR330-016MSI MegaBook VR330-016TR
    MSI MegaBook VR330-022 MSI MegaBook VR330-K55112BC0MSI MegaBook VR330-S3558VHB
    MSI MegaBook VR330X Series(All)
    MSI MegaBook VR330X-009MSI MegaBook VR330X-009SPMSI MegaBook VR330X-010TH
    MSI MegaBook VR330X-011MSI MegaBook VR330X-011EUMSI MegaBook VR330X-011TR
    MSI MegaBook VR330X-026MSI MegaBook VR330X-K551120C0
    MSI MS1022MSI MS1024MSI MS-1022
    MSI MS-1024
    • 1. this MSI BTY-M42 Battery Replacement battery is 100% compatible with your original one
    • 2. Brand new with full one year warranty.
    • 3. Japan battery cells, 300-500 charging circles.
    • 4. this MSI BTY-M42 Battery Replacement battery is free shipping to all the world
    • 5. CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified for safety

    Why buy MSI BTY-M42 Battery Replacement from us

    (1)Best Price:

    You can get a MSI BTY-M42 Battery Replacement at 30% lower price than markets

    (2) Best Service

    30 days money back, this means you can get a full refund in 30 days after you got it.

    365 days warranty, you can contact us at any time during the time using this MSI BTY-M42 Battery Replacement.

    Free shipping to all over the world.

    7-24 after-sale service

    (3) we are professional:

    We sell 3C electronics to worldwide for years, and we guarantee our customers will receive brand new MSI BTY-M42 Battery Replacement,which has passed the CE, UL, ROHS, and ISO9001 certifications.

    Any other questions, please feel free to contact us via email

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